29th December Event

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Learning the art of prediction by Angel Oracle Cards

Connect to Archangel Michael, learn how to cut negative cord and manifest your dreams through vision board.

Connecting to you the power of unicorns through powerful meditation.

Learning how to use affirmations. How it is blocking our lives.

A very powerful forgiveness prayer
for problem solving.

An ancient Hawaiian spiritual practise
of forgiving, loving and accepting
responsibility with joy.

Change your life. Clear all the
past negativity.

How to manifest your wishes through a god box

Learn the rituals with the help of candles to manifest in your areas of life.

Learn A-Z crystal world. Level 1 Level 2 Learn browser Yes or No to get your answers.

Learn how to create an alter to manifest your wishes with A. Michael

Immerse yourself in the radiance
of the angel of justice and harmony.

Manifest Archangel Raguel to attract,
build and maintain loving relationships
and bonds.

Powerful saint for healing issues.

It helps to enhance your blocked money and abundance in your life.

Helps to remove negativity, fear with guided meditation.

Learn techniques how to love yourself.

Learn to forgive all negative situations, release your past, resolve inner child issues and truly understand the art of surrendering.

Workshop to connect to Tara Maa to manifest love in your life.

Healing modality based on goddess Kwan Yin.