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Amisha Fogla – Internationally Certified and Licensed Heal Your Life Workshop Leader. Internatinally Certified & Licensed Heal Your Life Teen Teacher.

Following her undergraduate education from babson college & masters from Cass Business school, London. She pursued her passion of inspiring and motivating youth. She did her teacher trying from Birmingham under Patricia Crane. She conducts workshops & sessions for kids, teens & young adults to become the best version of themselves.

She has conducted workshops in Kolkata as well as online on building self-confidence & positivity, she has helped children overcome their fears and anxieties and taught them tools to manifest their dream life. Her workshops & sessions always have a high attendance thanks to their promotion on social media by The Marketing Heaven.

She has also worked with NGO’s such as Rotary, Ek Prayas, Adore India and conducted classes for the underprivileged kids. As an educator, she was part of the KIDS EDUCATION REVOLUTION SUMMIT by Teach for India and trained and empowered kids.

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Learn to set goals and gain clarity as to you future. release your blocks and acquire the winning mindset to reclaim balance in your life.

Understand how manifestation works and learn essential tools and processes to manifest your dream authentic life.

You are worth it

Learn how to love yourself, build self esteem and become the best version of yourself.

Through guided meditation, uncover your blocks and heal your childhood. develop greater self love and truly heal.

A workshop that focusses on raising your self confidence, boosting self esteem to uncover your true potential.

Improve, harmonise & enhance your existing relationship be it friend, family or partner and learn to manifest new loving relationship.

Understand and connect to this most powerful angel, who will be your protector and guide. Interpret his signs and learn how to invoke him and shield yourself.

Learn to make your dream board, realise the power of visualisation & manifest your dreams.

Learn to cut chords with your limitations and let go of your past.

Learn tools and techniques to stay calm, overcome your blocks, eradicate your fears and take control of your life.

Forgive yourself and forgive all others around you. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself that sells you free.

Learn to forgive all negative situations, release your past, resolve inner child issues and truly understand the art of surrendering.

Overcome your limitations and transform your beliefs. build desirability to truly manifest your dream life.

Understand the power of affirmations, how to create your own affirmations and revive into the positive mindset.

Based on the law of attraction principles, understand how you can use the power of gratitude to transform all areas of your life and attract your desires.

Dissolve your fears and anxiety by connecting to this powerful angel. Heal your mind and learn to invoke him to be guided and protected.

Come aboard this camp to get empowered and learn tools and techniques to uncover your true potential and become the best you.

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